South Park Quiz 3

South Park is one of the world's most successful series - how much do you know?

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Questions 15
Criteria 60% to pass
Difficulty Hard
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According to "South Park," what soft drink can cure SARS?

What is Pip's last name?

What animal does Kyle's dad wish he was and becomes thanks to plastic surgery?

What band does the Prehistoric Ice Man exhibit claim he likes?

What celebrity's brother performs at South Park Elementary's halftime show in Season 1?

Who leads the Jew Scout Squirts?

What is the name of Dr. Mephisto's literally little buddy?

What's the name of the company that created Towlie?

What's the point spread that the South Park Cows need to beat for Jimbo to win his bet?

What does Ms. Crabtree keep in her glove box with a pistol?

How many bunnies does Estella Havisham kill before she loses interest?

What does Terrance & Phillip look for to pass the time on the subway?

What's on Cartman's sleeping bag when the boys sleep at Cartman's grandma's house?

What ride does Kenny make his parents ride in the hopes of getting rid of his unborn brother?

What artist do the FBI play to drive the "cult" out of the house in Season 3?

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