South Park Quiz 2

Everything about the animated television series South Park.

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Questions 15
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Difficulty Hard
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What TV show angers the Muslim community in Season 10 by airing an image of Mohammad?

Who insists that ManBearPig is real?

Who challenges Cartman to a fight for his breast cancer jokes in Season 12?

Who tries to kill Stan for not voting in Season 8?

What mascot do Cartman and Butters support for the school in Season 8?

What does Stan's dad do for a living?

What is Miss Cartman's first name?

What's the name of the cartoon short that inspired the "South Park" series?

What's is Stan's grandpa's name?

What network does Kyle's mom organize a boycott against in Season 1?

What celebrity did the voice of Stan's dog in Season 1?

What Comedy Central star makes a cameo in Season 2?

What celebrity did Stan think he saw in the Brazilian rainforest?

Who conducted the recorder concert that made the world poop its pants?

What celebrity is one of Scuzzlebutt's legs?

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