South Park

Do you spend your free time watching South Park? If so, this should be very easy!

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Difficulty Easy
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The employees of Dunder-Mifflin deal with the drudgery of working.

In what state is the city of South Park located?

What "South Park" character only speaks in muffled mumbles?

What "South Park" constantly dies in every other episode?

What "South Park" character constantly gets called a "fat ass"?

What character was voiced by soul singer Isaac Hayes?

Who used to have a puppet partner called Mr. Hat?

Who is Stan's dad?

Who gets abducted by aliens in the very first episode?

What dead dictator becomes Satan's boyfriend?

What "South Park" character is actually the superhero Mysterion?

What "South Park" character is Jewish?

During what holiday does Mr. Hankey usually appear?

What country is Pip from?

Who is Stan's girlfriend?

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