South America Quiz 2

If you think you know all there is to know about South America, let us see here.

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La Santisima is in which South American country?

What is Brazil's second largest city?

What is the third largest city in South America?

The Northern Andes encompasses Colombia and ___?

What is Argentina's third largest city?

If you dialed +595, which South American country would you be calling?

Guyana got its independence from which country in 1966?

Rioplatense baroque style buildings are found in which of these cities?

The name of which South American country means the Land of Silver?

Which South American country is bordered by Brazil, Colombia and Guyana?

Eunectes murinus is largest of its kind in South America- What?

Cristina Fernandez was elected Prime Minister of which country in 2007?

Which South American country is the most easterly?

How many countries make up South America?

Asuncion is the capital city of which South American country?

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