Author: Adrija Guha

Soft Skills Quiz

Knowledge quiz
Questions 20
Criteria 60% to pass
Difficulty Easy
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Effectively presenting your thoughts and ideas, verbally and in writing.

Working without being told, being self-motivated, and being the first to begin work shows...

Having a positive outlook can affect your

What is teamwork?

How can you prove you are a team player?

Teamwork involves which of these?

Collaborative and cooperative with co-workers; contribute to goals; these are examples of...

In active listening, you should always maintain ________ contact.

When active listening, your focus should be on...

Using your cell phone at work is probably okay because everyone has one.

Communication skills are one of the top skills employers look for in future employees.

Which of the following is NOT a soft skill?

Which of the following is the number 1 skill most valued by employers?

Non-verbal communication includes

Arriving or doing something at the expected or planned time is ________________

You are a person with a high level of ______________ if you stand by your values even if others put pressure on you to do something that is wrong or if they make fun of you.

Always dress 'up' for an interview.

Employers want employees who are flexible and willing to learn.

Which of these is the first step in the listening process?

Hearing means perceiving with ears.

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