Author: Sana H Julha

Social Media, Communities & Networks Quiz

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There are two types of non-participants (Boyd, 2007). Which of the following is not one of them?

What is a digital foot print?

Which of these meanings best explain the term "networked publics"?

Identities are construct through what means?

Two increasingly important ethical aspects of social media are:

Gender Swapping in games has allowed players to:

Which one of the following identity is socially constructed?

Social media sites will default your profile picture to _____ unless you manually change it to _____.

MUDs stands for:

What is “Impression management”?

What is privacy in public?

Teens and pre teens have incorporated selfies in the process of exploring their identity and as a means of _______, _________ and _________.

Which of the following is a true statement?

Networks help people in:

Social network sites are a type of networked public with four properties. (Boyd, 2007) Which one below is not a property?

Social media sites allows their interests to be narrowed down to a particular category.

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