So you think you know the 2017-2019 Parliamentary session?

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Why did MP Lloyd Russell-Moyle grab the ceremonial mace?

Ian Paisley Jr. avoided being recalled after his recall petition fell short of the required 10% of the electorate in his North Antrim constituency. What percentage of his constituents did sign the petition?

Theresa May suffered a record defeat on her first attempt to pass the Withdrawal Agreement Bill. How many votes did she lose by?

Brandon Lewis was accused of “cheating” when he cast votes in favour of the Government on two key Brexit amendments in July 2018 despite being paired with Jo Swinson, who was absent having just given birth to her son. What legislation were they voting on?

Who was the first MP to vote via proxy, after a pilot was introduced to trial proxy voting for parental absence during this session?

Who of the following voted AGAINST the Withdrawal Agreement on its THIRD go at passing the Commons?

Dani Rowley made history in June 2018 by being the first MP to declare she was on her period in the Chamber, during a debate on access to sanitary products. How much did she claim menstruating had cost her that week?

Of the six The Independent Group for Change MPs who left the party after the European elections, how many have since joined the Liberal Democrats?

In April 2019, Speaker John Bercow was called on to cast the deciding vote on Hillary Benn’s amendment to the Cooper-Letwin Bill – in line with convention, he voted with the Government to uphold the status quo. When was the last time a Commons vote had resulted in a tie?

How many times did John Bercow use the phrase ‘sedentary position’ in the 2017 – 2019 parliamentary session?

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