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Microbiology book from p100 to 109

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Which of the following is not true regarding HAIs ?

Which of the following isn't considered an HAIs ?

Which of the following is not a standard precaution to block the transmisson of HAIs ?

Alcohol-based hand rub is prefered in which of the following situations ?

Which of the following PPEs is used to protect mouth and nose only ?

Sterile gloves are used for insertion of both urinary catheter and central venous catheter.

Both sterile and non-sterile gloves are disposable while heavy duty gloves are reusable after decontamination.

In case of limited resources it is better to use a cotton mask that became moist rather than no respiratory protection at all.

Disposable paper masks are ideal for most patient care needs.

Which of the following is most ideal when providing health care for patients with active pulmonary tuberculosis ?

Select the most essential step in reprocessing instruments.

Disinfection is either a physical or chemical process.

Sterilization is either a chemical or physical process.

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