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Sara's secret- Condoms to go

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What type of technology does Lora DiCarlo implement throughout the entire product line?

Onda’s patent-pending technology mimics what human touch sensations?

Lora DiCarlo’s lifelike PercussionTouch™️ technology is used in which product?

Baci’s unique Airflow technology utilizes:

Carezza’s PercussionTouch™️ technology mimics the sensations of:

What does Baci mean in Italian?

What CES award was Lora DiCarlo awarded (which was rescinded, and ultimately given back) in 2019?

Which is not a feature of Osé 2’s biomimetic engineering?

What is the "one touch" feature?

Which of the following features are not incorporated into Lora DiCarlo products?

What makes Filare and Carezza unique?

Every Lora DiCarlo product comes with the following:

Lora DiCarlo products extend a warranty of:

Even though Lora DiCarlo products come 30% charged, how long is the recommended charging time before initial use?

Osé 2’s technology does not incorporate:

Filare’s biomimetic, 3D technology delivers:

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