Santa's Christmas Quiz

Celebrate Xmas with our Christmas Quiz. Test your Christmas knowledge if you deserve gifts. Happy holidays!

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Questions 11
Criteria 70% to pass
Difficulty Hard
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Since which year Christmas trees have been sold in the U.S.?

Where was Jesus born?

What is the most popular Christmas dinner tradition in Japan?

TRUE or FALSE?! In 1965 two astronauts on their way back to orbit played a joke on mission control, pretending to spot Santa in space.

Which country bans all advertising on TV on Christmas, Easter and Good Friday?

There is a "Half Tax Month" in November, so everyone has more money for Christmas. In which country it is?

You can send an Internet “postcard” with a message to the crew of the International Space Station. TRUE of FALSE?

Did you know that Santa has a special friend that travels with him? He beats people with sticks – especially females. He has been used for centuries to frighten children into behaving before Christmas. What's name of this monster?

What's the name of Santa's reindeer?

Santa didn’t always have a beard. TRUE of FALSE?

Santa has a real postal zip code, it is H0H 0H0... TRUE or FALSE?

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