Romantic movies are eternally popular, but how much do you know about them?

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The movie "Amélie" takes place in what city?

The movie "Casablanca" takes place during what global conflict?

The movie "High Fidelity" is based on a book by what author?

The movie "My Fair Lady" is a retelling of what classic George Bernard Shaw play?

The split screen scenes in "When Harry Met Sally..." are an homage to what classic romance movie?

The Von Trapp family house in "The Sound of Music" was owned in the real world by what movie star?

Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan starred together in what romantic comedy?

What "Star Wars" star also had a role in the romantic movie "When Harry Met Sally..."?

What appropriate opera does Richard Gere take his beloved to see in "Pretty Woman"?

What athlete did Cuba Gooding Jr. play in "Jerry Maguire"?

What baseball player does Annie mention in her letter to Sam in the movie "Sleepless in Seattle"?

What clique does Rizzo belong to in "Grease"?

What country does the King rule in "The King & I"?

What does Cher say after she slaps Nicolas Cage in "Moonstruck"?

What does Nicolas Cage vow to share with Bridget Fonda in the movie "It Could Happen to You"?

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