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What is the logo of BMW?

What was Hitlers Wife's Name?

How many lives does a cat have?

What company's motto is ''Just do it''

What is the famous derby football match in Scotland?

What is the name of the captain in the Moby dick novel?

Where is Graham Norton from?

What does KFC stand for?

Where is Timbuktu?

What is the main ingredient in Hummus?

What is the capitol of Australia?

What route in USA is famous?

What was the name of JFK'S wife?

When did world war 2 start?

What was sputnik?

Who said ''who loves ya baby!''

Where was the silk road located?

What is the address of the White House?

What is Ants family name?

What shape is the headquarters of the department of defense in the USA?

What TV show did Bosco air on?

What is the correct spelling of Johnathan's name?

What is Herby?

The T-Rex is related to the Chicken

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