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The words of God is _____, ______, ______ and _______. Which one is not mentioned by P. Joune in the preparatory message.

We have to ______ the words when it is given to us.

If you don't have the ______ you cannot take action, even if you want to.

What is the title of this week's message?

Thru one message we have to realize _____ _____.

Christ is the _____ of God.

God and the Holy Spirit are the gods who speak ________.

Whenever God talks he always involves the ___ __ ______.

Apostle Paul always mention God and Jesus _______. He never mentioned them separately.

When God gives the revelation, he gives the _______.

God gives revelations to the ______ thru ________.

God gives us revelation thru nature, dreams and thru words. We should keep ______ them.

God makes you realize thru _____, ______ is revelation.

When you receive revelations through dreams and through creation, check it by aligning it to ____________.

There are revelations for you that God sometimes gives through ______ _______.

_________ are also revelations. If you listen carefully to the word, you will find the answer.

What is the clearest way to receive revelation?

What is the result of prayer?

What do you need to keep doing in times of tribulations?

God wants people to _______ by receiving God’s revelation clearly.

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