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Who was the first actor/actress to be paid $1m for a role?

What is the oldest currency in the world?

Paul David Hewson is the real name of what famous rock musician?

What colour is found on 75% of the world's flags?

Which country won the first ever football World Cup?

What is the highest possible break in snooker?

Which is a metamorphic rock?

Which compound is formed when hydrogen peroxide decomposes?

Who painted The Persistence of Memory?

In which Italian town was the artist Leonardo born?

Who wrote Peter Pan?

Elizabeth Bennet acts as the protagonist of what 1813 novel?

'The Lord is my Light' is the motto of which institution?

What is the first name of the landlady Mrs. Hudson, in the Sherlock Holmes books?

In which U.S. state would you find Mount Rushmore?

What is the roman name for the goddess Hecate?

Gilbert Baker sadly passed away in March 2017, he created his most famous design in 1978, what is it?

What is the national animal of Scotland?

What language do minions speak?

What is celebrated on 29th May in both Europe & USA ?

What does the word Dachshund mean in English

What is the worlds smallest mammal

In his first speech to the Commons as Prime Minister, Churchill said: "You ask, what is our aim? I can answer that in one word..." What word was this?

The Preseli Hills are mostly within which UK national park?

Which King of England was taken prisoner in a battle at Lincoln in 1141?

Which British Prime Minister's wife sold 75,000 copies of her Selected Poems?

A Surah is the term for a chapter of the Quran; how many Surahs are there in the Quran?

Anastasia Dobromyslova is a champion in which sport?

What was the first toy to be advertised on TV?

A duel between three people is actually called a what?

What is the ‘Maillard Reaction’?

How long did it take for Erno Rubik to solve the Rubik’s cube?

In Australian rules football, what is the maximum number of players allowed on the field at a time?

Name the only football team to sack Sir Alex Ferguson as a manager.

England won the 2003 Rugby World Cup thanks to a lucky drop goal from Jonny Wilkinson. How many points did England score in the match?

In which sport do competitors refer to 'catching a crab'?

Valium Aelium is the Latin name for what?

What state of element is the sun primarily?

What is Postman Pat’s surname?

By what name is the professional wrestler Mark Calaway better known?

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