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Which one of the following is the first search engine in internet?

Number of bit used by IPv6 address is ______

First computer virus is known as __________

1024 bit is equal to how many bytes?

2's complement of binary number 0101 is_____

This is title

This is title

An energy signal has G(f)=10 .It's energy density spectrum is ____

The phase angle corresponding to λ/4 in standing wave pattern is ______

Which one of the following is a dynamic system ?

Which of the following should a dominant wave have ?

Both OR & AND gates can have only two inputs ?

In a conductor which of the following relations hold good?

An OR Gate has 4 inputs. One input is high and the other three are low.The output ______

The function f(x-vot) represent which of the following ?

δ(t) is a _______

An atoms atomic number is determined by number of ______

One coulomb passing a point in One second is one ____

An OP-amp has very _____

In Flash Analog to Digital convertor , the output of each Comparator is connected to an input of a ___

How many flags are there in 8085 microprocessor ?

Programmable Logic Array uses _______

Power that is measured in volt-ampere is called____

This is title

For attenuation of high frequencies we should use_____

An open-collector output requires_____

What is the frequency range of IEEE 802.11a standard___

To operate correctly, starting a ring shift counter requires _____

What is a recirculating register?

Convert the fractional binary number 0000.1010 to decimal.

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