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Botany (1): What term is used to describe this leaf PATTERN?

Botany (2): What is the common NAME of this plant?

Botany (3): What is COPPICING?

Botany (4): NAME the structure(s) in this photo.

Botany (5): Name this ROOT:

Geology (1): This famous Russian vase sits in their renowned National Hermitage Museum. What is it MADE from?

Geology (2): From which ORE is Aluminium most commonly extracted from?

Geology (3): During an eruption, volcanic material and hot gas can travel at speeds of up to 430mph. What is the name given to this PHENOMENON?

Geology (4): Which of these is NOT one of the four main TYPES OF CLAY?

Geology (5): What is the CORRECT name for this geological structure?

Art (1): WHO painted this?

Art (2): What is the name of this painting TECHNIQUE?

Art (3): What was the MEANING of 'Gothic' during The Renaissance period?

Art (4): WHO painted this?

Art (5): What is the name of this INSTRUMENT used by painters to steady their brush-hand?

Mongolia (1): is bordered by China and which OTHER COUNTRY?

Mongolia (2): What is the CAPITAL of Mongolia?

Mongolia (3): What is this traditional alcoholic drink MADE from?

Mongolia (4): The Mongols burned down the largest library in the world and trapped the Sultan in his treasure room to ironically starve to death in WHICH CITY?

Mongolia (5): What was Genghis Khan's BIRTH NAME?

Fashion + Textiles (1): What are these CALLED?

Fashion + Textiles (2): What is this PATTERN commonly known as?

Fashion + Textiles (3): The 'seperable fastner' (zip) was designed in what YEAR by Gideon Sundback?

Fashion + Textiles (4): A material produced from moth's cocoons was originally developed in which COUNTRY?

Fashion + Textiles (5): In 1563 Queen Elizabeth I famously decreed that for every 60 acres of land, farmers must provide at least one acre of land for growing which CROP?

The environment (1): Lichen turns from grey/green to yellow due to higher concentrations of which GAS?

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The environment (2): What is the musty smell that frequently accompanies the first rain after a long period of warm, dry weather CALLED?

Environment (3): What TRIGGERED the dust bowl in the USA in the 1930s

Environment (4): What is Gary Anderson (depicted) famous for DESIGNING?

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