Author: Anamika Shah

The Comic Characters and Psychology Quiz

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1. A 1952 comic based on three patients and their psychiatrist was known as ______________.

2. Batman’s biggest nemesis is a personification of his greatest fear: ___________________

3. The Superman Complex refers to ___________________________.

4. Which of these characters has a M.D in psychiatry?

5. Wolverine, having witnessed his father’s murder and both the wars, suffers from _____________

6. Jean Grey’s inability to control her alter-ego, Phoenix, and the accompanied confusion and loss of control is indicative of _______________________.

7. Which of these Watchmen characters is named after a psychologist?

8. Which of these DC characters was created by American psychologist William Moulton Marston?

9. Emma Frost, tired of using her mutant power for personal gain, pursues _________________.

10. Which of these villains pursued a career as a psychiatrist before turning to villainy?

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