Quiz about Queen, one of the best British rock bands of the 70s and beyond.

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What was the last single Queen released before Freddie died?

Two of Queen's albums were named after films starring who?

How old was Freddie Mercury when he died in 1991?

Freddie Mercury teamed up with Montserrat Caballé for which hit song in 1988?

Queen provided the soundtrack for which 1986 film?

in which year did Queen first release their iconic anthem Bohemian Rhapsody?

Which musical genre was the title of a Queen album?

In which year did Queen form?

What is Queen's biggest selling single on a global scale?

Queen teamed up with who on the hit record 'Under Pressure'?

Which singer joined Queen for a series of concerts in 2014?

In the early days Freddie Mercury and Roger Taylor sold what on a market stall?

Bohemian Rhapsody appears on which album?

Which Queen song was the first hit written by John Deacon?

Queen provided the soundtrack for which 1980 Sci-Fi film?

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