Author: Ria Sanchez

Project Management

To test the knowledge of GLAPI Project Management Standards and Methodology.

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(1) The project manager ensures that the work is carried out according to the plan, and tracks deviations using earned value analysis for schedule and cost, as will as monitoring the scope, communications, vendors, and any other item necessary to ensure the project goes according to plan.

(2) The project manager develops a project management plan, which defines how the project will be carried out, who will do the work, how long it will take, and so forth. The project management plan must be approved by the project sponsor to become official, and changes must be re-approved according to the change management processes described therein.

The project is authorized, funded and defined. This phase occurs on the organizational level (i.e. above the project). The organization defines a business need that the project is meant to satisfy.

(4) What are the deliverables in Gate 1?

(5) What are the deliverable in Gate 2?

(6) What are the deliverables in Gate 3?

(7) When is the Benefit Realization Plan / KPI starts to be tracked?

(8) Project can only start once Project Charter is approved and signed off by PSC. Project Manager will be formally assigned once Project Charter is signed off.

(9) At this point, budget, schedule and scope as approved by the SteerComm becomes the project baseline. Any deviation from the baseline will require approval from the Project Sponsor.

(10) Presentation to SteerComm of results of implementation, user testing and plan for go-live. SteerComm will not decide whether the Project can proceed with implementation if the UAT Results all passed.

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