Present simple/continuous

Knowledge quiz
Questions 30
Criteria 85% to pass
Difficulty Easy
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What _____ doing? You´re opening the book.

Are you _____________ English?

Are you _______ on a blue chair?

Are you ______ now?

Are we ________ home?

Is he ______ on the floor?

____ you write?

Are you __________?

____ you ______ that book?

Does he ______ home after the class?

Do you ______ French?

Do you _______ here after the class?

____ he ____ books in English?

Are you _______ a question now?

Do _____ speak Slovak?

What do you ____ after the lesson?

____ you reading your book?

Are you _____ the question?

Yes, ____ answering the question.

Are they sitting behind the house? No, they ____ ______ behind the house.

Is he ______ French?

She is from London. She ________ English.

Are you ______ the book?

Pronounce this word "blue". What are you doing? - I am _______ the word blue.

____ you going to London after the class?

Do you _____ books in English?

What is the negative of "he speaks"?

No, I´m not _______ this question.

Do I _______ the door after the lesson?

____ he opening the window?

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