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Portion Control Quiz

Take this quiz and test your knowledge about portion control. There is more than one way to practice portion control. There may be more than one correct answer, select the BEST way to practice portion control.

Funny quiz
Questions 9
Possible 2 answers

Your friend is in town and is staying with you for a few days. Where do you decide to eat?

At first you considered cooking dinner, but the two of you are exhausted. You and your friend decide to go to the large chain restaurant. You are looking at the appetizer menu. What do you choose to order?

Your entrée arrives and it’s rather big. The plate is definitely bigger than your face and is filled to its edge. What do you decide to do?

It’s time to order dessert. The cake here is DELICIOUS but the slices are rather big. What are you going to do?

You have decided to start packing lunch to save money and eat healthier. When do you pack?

You notice that when you snack, you end up eating the entire family size bag of chips. What can you do to control your snack portions?

You are at a buffet. How do you fill your plate?

You are at a social at work and everyone at your workplace cooks as if they went to culinary school - everything is worth eating. How do you prepare yourself?

There’s food left over at the social after everyone has gotten a plate. You do not feel full. What do you do?