PoliticsHome's weekly quiz: 27/10/2017

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Who branded the Brexit decision the “stupidest decision by a country” before the US “Trumped it”?

Which former Vote Leave figure is Theresa May reportedly on the verge of hiring in a bid to shake up the Tory Party?

Which popular television show is Parliament run like, according to Labour MP Valerie Vaz?

What does Boris Johnson do when someone tries to tell him bad news, according to the FT?

What was the name of the site that Jared O’Mara wrote his offending comments on in the early noughties?

Baroness Trumpington stood down this week from the Lords. How old is she?

Why were Douglas Ross' dreams shattered?

What did Jacob Rees-Mogg call the police on LBC?

Jeremy Corbyn is set to go on Gogglebox this weekend. Which of these is a couple who has NEVER been on the programme?

What is the name of the brown labrador that won Westminster dog of the year?

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