PoliticsHome's weekly quiz: 03/11/2017

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Difficulty Easy
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Only one of these Cabinet ministers held their current post in 2015. Who was it?

What are most of our salads washed in, according to International Trade Secretary Liam Fox?

How was new Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson described in an Evening Standard headline?

What is Gavin Williamson's spider called?

Why is the Queen not happy with Labour?

Julian Smith was promoted to Chief Whip this week. What is his constituency?

Eccentric Tory backbencher Michael Fabricant appeared on which TV show this week?

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn appeared on which TV show this week?

What did Gordon Brown say he regretted about his time as Prime Minister, in a new book released this week?

Who won Politician of the Year 2017 at the Spectator awards?

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