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Where is Theresa May going on holiday this year?

Which two Tory MPs have this week been appointed vice chair for women and vice chair for youth?

When the Cabinet got stuck on a train this week, what did the Environment Secretary Michael Gove do to cheer up other passengers?

How many cookbooks does Theresa May have?

A motion was passed by Vauxhall Labour members calling for their local MP Kate Hoey to lose the whip over her Brexit stance. But how many people voted in her favour?

DUP MP Ian Paisley Jr could be forced to defend his North Antrim seat after he was suspended for 30 days over failing to declare two holidays. What is his majority?

What did Dominic Raab say Britain’s food provision will be like in the event of a ‘no deal’ Brexit?

Three Jewish newspapers ran the same front page opposing Labour’s anti-Semitism stance. What was the headline?

Dominic Raab made a crucial spelling error in the Brexit White Paper. Which word did he get wrong?

Which Corbyn-supporting musician said British Jews 'have work to do' to rebuild trust with the Labour party?

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