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Theresa May irked many with her response to criticism of the Government's handling of the NHS winter crisis, when she said in an interview with Andrew Marr:

What did figures this week show Parliament internet users had tried to access over 24,000 times since the general election?

Theresa May unveiled a host of new Tory vice-chairs as part of her reshuffle, but which of these is NOT among the roles?

The SNP circulated a photo of an empty chair intended for Jeremy Corbyn at a cross-party Brexit meeting they planned, but who out of the four MPs in attendance represented Plaid Cymru?

Donald Trump tweeted that he would no longer be gracing the UK with his presence in February, because the US embassy was moving to an “off location”. Where is the current building located?

Chris Grayling was mistakenly announced by CCHQ as Tory party chair earlier in the week – but according to reports how long did his unblemished reign at the helm last?

Which of these Remainers did Nigel Farage NOT namecheck when he told the Wright Stuff he would be open to holding another Brexit referendum to silence them?

Boris Johnson railed against Virgin Trains on Twitter after they announced the Daily Mail would no longer be available on its services, but which of these terms did he NOT brand their decision?

Chris Williamson left Labour’s frontbench this week, but which blog site bestowed on him the title of ‘Best MP’ at the end of last year?

Toby Young stood down from his well-publicised and brief role at the Office for Students, but how did he describe himself in his outgoing statement?

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