PolHome's weekly quiz: 29/09/2017

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Questions 10
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Difficulty Easy
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Which of these MPs admitted this week that they want to be Prime Minister?

Who is now the top choice among Conservative party members to replace Theresa May?

Who was not properly prepared for the snap general election, according to Theresa May?

What music was played during lunch at the Big Tent Ideas Fest, the event dubbed Tory Glastonbury?

Which Labour MP called a reporter “vain”, “conceited” and “like Trump”?

How much were ‘Ohhh Jeremy Corbyn’ scarves at Labour conference?

Which paper editor did Jeremy Corbyn attack during his conference speech?

How long was Jeremy Corbyn’s speech?

Who sang ‘ohhh Jeremy Corbyn’ from the podium just before the leader’s speech?

What does Jacob Rees Mogg never eat?

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