PolHome Quiz 19/01/2018

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Barry McElduff’s resignation as an MP means a by-election in the UK’s second most westerly seat of West Tyrone is on the cards. Which seat has land further to the west?

Boris Johnson suggested a new bridge between Britain and France be built. How long would it reportedly be?

Which sitcom did Tory vice chair Kemi Badenoch defend in an interview with The House, when she criticised ‘puritanical’ attitudes among millennials?

Henry Bolton’s position as Ukip boss was in doubt when a series of racist texts by his now ex-girlfriend were revealed – but in which month last year did he take over the role?

Boris Johnson insisted the famous £350m Brexit bus figure was in fact ‘too low’, but how much did he say it should have been?

Which of these figures was NOT voted on to Labour’s NEC in what was a successful election for the pro-Corbyn faction?

Which Tory backbencher said continuing austerity in the NHS amid the winter crisis would be “very hard”?

It was reported that George Osborne would be “the only former Chancellor in the last five decades not to be offered a peerage” – who was the last?

The Bayeux Tapestry is set to be displayed in the UK after France agreed it could leave its shores for the first time in hundreds of years – but in which century is the artwork thought to originate?

What did Culture Secretary Matt Hancock say BBC presenters’ salaries should be capped at this week?

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