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What is plagiarism?

Is it acceptable to copy-and-paste a sentence written by someone else into your paper and simply add quotation marks around it?

Paraphrasing properly is to:

You re-use paragraphs from a paper you wrote last semester and put it into a new assignment, and you don’t cite it because it’s your own work. Is this plagiarism?

For an individual class assignment, Taskyn and Beka decided to collaborate. Taskyn compiled research notes, Beka identified the main findings, and both wrote their own original research papers with similar findings. Is this:

A source doesn’t need to be cited if it’s collaboratively written on the web like Wikipedia.

Is it necessary to cite information that is common knowledge or widely accessible, like historical information or popular scientific information, e.g. 70% of the earth is covered in water?

You see something on Twitter and Facebook that you really like to use as a source, so you:

Say you found two papers about the same research: Paper A is the original finding; Paper B is an analysis that references Paper A. You use a section of the analysis from Paper B. Which paper do you cite?

What are some consequences of plagiarism?

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