Physics Quiz 4

Think you're an expert on science and phsyics? Let's see.

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Difficulty Easy
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What name is given to a tornado that forms over an ocean or lake sucking up water?

Which of these natural phenomena is caused by slope, precipitation and instability?

Optics is the study of what?

A flow of electrical charge is known as a what?

In which part of an atom are the protons found?

Electron configuration was first conceived by which model?

Which of these equations descries the quantum state of a physical system?

Classical mechanics is also known as what?

Metals can often conduct what?

Who discovered the electron in 1887?

Two protons and two neutrons bound together are known as the what?

Which famous scientist first theorized the existence of photons?

Which famous scientist discovered the neutron?

Which of these are made up of photons?

An antiparticle has the same mass as the particle but a different what?

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