Physics Quiz 2

If your favourite subject at school was physics, give this quiz a try.

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Questions 15
Criteria 60% to pass
Difficulty Normal
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Which of these is a fundamental constituent of matter?

Which waves in the electromagnetic spectrum have the longest wavelengths?

What letter commonly denotes the speed of light?

Who was the first to claim that light has a finite speed?

Who first discovered that X-rays can identify bone structure?

Which of these animals has near-UV vision?

Which colour has the longest wavelength in the visible spectrum?

Thermal radiation is often emitted as what type of energy?

Which of light is used for night vision?

What is the wavelength range of visible light?

A unit of length equal to one billionth of a metre is known as a what?

Which of these waves has the most energy?

Which famous scientist coined the term "gamma rays"?

Decaying radioisotopes often emit what kind of radiation?

Radioactive material often emit alpha and which other type of particle?

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