If you enjoy physics and the study of how the universe works, try this quiz.

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How many times hotter than the sun is a lightning bolt?

The gravity on the moon is what fraction of the gravity on Earth?

Which Soviet town was devastated by a nuclear disaster in 1986?

Which physical force prevents your drink from floating out of its glass?

In physics, a 'Newton' is a measurement of what?

Which natural phenomenon can be forked, rocket or streak among other types?

Which natural phenomenon can be of types anvil, sheet and ribbon?

Which colour comes in-between Red and Yellow in the rainbow?

Which of these is the best thermal conductor?

What is the cause of small, fine hairs sticking up off of the head?

Which two weather conditions are needed to form a rainbow?

When falling, the maximum speed you reach is called what?

Which weather phenomenon is set off by giant thunderclouds called 'supercells'?

Which of these units is used in measuring electricity?

Which of these are ideal air conditions to cause a thunderstorm?

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