Periodic table Quiz 4

Think you can separate your oxygen from hydrogen in a periodic table quiz?

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Questions 15
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Difficulty Normal
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d-block elements are also known as what?

Lanthanides and actinides are found in which block of the periodic table?

Which of these elements is a halogen?

Chlorine and bromine are often used as what?

Which of these is one of the few liquid elements?

Which of these types of element are the least reactive?

Which of these is a noble gas?

What is another name for noble gases?

Noble gases are often used in what?

Iron is what type of element?

Coloured compounds are often made from which type of elements?

Which of these types of element are often used as industrial catalysts?

What percentage of natural carbon is carbon-13?

Diamond is made of which element?

When carbon forms a simple hexagonal crystal what is it known as?

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