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Where do pearls come from?

Which pearls grow the largest

South Sea Pearls are farmed in Japan and India

Pearls are known historically as:

An AAA grade gem must have a 95% blemish free surface or better.

What determines the colour of South Sea Pearls?

At Dinny Hall, Fresh water Pearls are used in…

The lowest rating a pearl can receive is…

Pearls nucleated with a round bead & piece of living tissue are called…

A button pearl’s shape is…

Tahitian and South Sea Pearls are often graded using scales of A-AAA

South Sea Pearls can show hints of…

For South Sea Pearls, the grade of AB is equivalent to…

Fresh water pearl grades are based upon…

Freshwater pearls are cultured in…

To receive a ‘’Gem’’ rating, a pearl has to have…

Tahitian Pearls are unique, because…

With a 90% blemish free surface, a pearl will receive the rating…

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