Author: lieve leroy

office weekend chill out quiz

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Questions 10
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Difficulty Hard
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1. How many languages are there in Vietnam?

2. How many living languages are there estimated in the world?

3. If everyone in the world spoke the same language, we would all benefit in increased understanding and efficiency, and lose nothing

4. It is Dec 2021. Baby Minh says: “Minh col”. What would be the best reaction of daddy Duy? (note: example given in English, hopefully the communication will take place in Vietnamese)

5. Which country in the world has the highest diversity of languages?

6. Tea comes from China originally. Globally there are basically only two words for tea.

7. The first writing or script developed 5200 years ago (3200 BC) in

8. The first script was used for

9. What is the name of Belgium in its 3 official languages?

10. We all like using expressions. Sometimes we just translate from our home language into English. Which of the following expressions/idioms is an original English idiom?

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