OCC 748 Midterm Additional Questions

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Questions 15
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Difficulty Easy
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The purpose of a CPM machine post a TKA is:

Which of the following is conducted typically in a clinic by a single discipline, in relation to helping someone get back to work?

Your client is a lineman, the people who install and work on overhead power lines and cables. This job requires the ability to hold arms above the head for extended periods of time, be up high in a harness, and to be able to manipulate heavy pieces of cables. Your client was injured on the job with a rotator cuff tear and wants to return to work now that the rotator cuff repair is complete. Which of the following job demands would you want to analyze as part of a FCE?

Your client is on hip precautions post surgery. You are about to work on LE dressing with this client. Which of the following movements is NOT a movement you need to prevent?

Your client is recovering from a heart surgery. Which of the following interventions follows a biomechanical approach?

Your client is undergoing chemotherapy and is experiencing the side effects of the treatment. Which of the following interventions follows a rehabilitative approach?

You are evaluating the ability of a 45 year old with MS to complete UE dressing using the FIM. She requires physical assistance with 50% of the dressing task and an occasional verbal cue regarding use of an adaptive device. What FIM score would you give her for UE dressing?

What type of intervention is completing UE dressing with the client's own clothes versus the hospital gown or clinic clothes?

Your client is s/p a TKA 1 day ago. He is having difficulty with bending his knee. Which of the following would you recommend?

Your client has Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. Which of the following interventions would be appropriate for this client while still being occupation based?

Your client recently had a heart attack and is currently cleared to complete activities no greater than MET level 4. Which of the following interventions per the textbook would you be MOST appropriate at this time??

Which of the following is an appropriate intervention under the PLISSIT model?

Which of the following interventions is not considered skilled care?

Which of the following interventions would not be appropriate for someone on sternal precautions?

Which of the following is a main role of OT in acute care?

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