OCC 746 Final Review

This is an opportunity to practice the kinds of questions asked on the final. This is NOT a comprehensive study guide.

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The BEST initial OT intervention for Ben, a client with a generalized anxiety disorder would be:

You have been working with a client who is the caregiver for a child with an intellectual disability. During your conversations, you both have engaged in problem solving of managing different behaviors of the child. The caregiver often feels overwhelmed and exhausted, and had been resisting change. However, after watching you model techniques to a positive outcome, the caregiver indicates the willingness to attempt a strategy. Which stage of the transtheoretical model is most accurate to his situation?

Jackson is a young adult with autism who frequents the same Wawa every morning for his daily cup of coffee and hash brown. He follows the same path in the store, buys the same cup of coffee, and visits the same counter. The other day, his favorite Wawa was closed for construction, causing him to visit McDonald’s instead, where he was unable to purchase his cup of coffee and hash brown. Which cognitive skill is involved with Jackson in this scenario?

Rylen is a 15 year old girl with anorexia. She has been working with an occupational therapist on her leisure interests. The occupational therapist would want to work on the following:

Maddy is a 30 year old female, recovering from a heroin addiction. She spent the last decade focusing her days on scoring her next hit, jumping from job to job to spend all her money on drugs. What would be the area of MOST concern to her occupation therapist?

Sarah is a young woman who has borderline personality disorder. When she becomes upset, she engages in self harm activities. Which of the following is true regarding sensory perceptions of people with personality disorders?

Your client is a college student with multiple demands on his time. He has also experienced difficulties adjusting to the new social environment and demands for increased self sufficiency in his life. He finds he is unable to “see a light at the end of the tunnel,” and that his stress is never better, just always is getting worse. Which occupational therapy intervention would you consider trying with him first?

A man has sustained a hypoxic brain injury as a result of an overdose. His mother has struggled with guilt surrounding the event, blaming herself. Which emotional response is she experiencing?

You are working in an inpatient hospital with Sue, a client with borderline personality disorder. Sue told you yesterday that you are the only one she can trust. Today she has accused you of lying to her. The BEST way for you to respond is:

Interventions involving mirror exposure and video feedback are used with clients with eating disorders in order to:

You have been working with someone who has bipolar depression and has been on medication to treat it for many years. When she comes in to see you for your session, you noticed she is shaking uncontrollably and is slurring her words. What could be a probable cause of these abnormal symptoms?

Peyton has an Allen’s Cognitive Score of 4.0. You are working with her around self care activities. Which of the following tasks could you reasonably expect from Peyton?

Your client has been expressing feelings of isolation and loneliness despite working in transitional employment. You feel your client would benefit from interacting with people with similar daily challenges as a support. Which of the following services would be MOST appropriate for your client?

You are providing services under the PACT model and have been working on money management skills with a client. Which of the following interventions would be appropriate under the PACT model?

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