If you've always wanted to be a journalist and work in newspapers, take this quiz.

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Which of these noteworthy people are you most likely to read about in the film section of the newspaper?

Who was the subject of the 2009 tabloid headlines 'Off With His Fred' and 'Shred the Fred'?

Which celebrity, who died too young in 2009, was once the subject of the headline 'Vote out the Pig'?

What did the Daily Universal register become in 1788?

Which newspaper appeared in Britain in October 1996?

L'Equipe is a French daily newspaper covering mainly which subject?

Which of these is a national daily newspaper in the UK?

Of which newspaper was Alastair Campbell once the political editor?

What's the name of the satirical news magazine edited by Ian Hislop?

Which of these daily papers is part of Rupert Murdoch's News Corporation?

Which of these newspapers only comes out on a Sunday?

When he died in 2007, Bill Deedes was the only man to have edited a daily newspaper and also to have been what?

In the early '70s, which publication uncovered the US political scandal of Watergate?

Which vegetable did the Sun newspaper famously use to superimpose former England manager Graham Taylor's head on?

What's the name of the comic strip couple that have appeared in the Sun newspaper since 1976?

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