New York Quiz 3

So good they named it twice - show us what you know about New York

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New York and New Jersey were named after places in which European country?

Which of these was NOT a mayorof New York City?

Which of these Cities is in the state of New York?

New York City is situated in which state?

The New York Yankees are based in which part of New York City?

Which of these is a New York Yankees captain?

The famous theater district in New York is known by what name?

The New York City Marathon goes through how many of the boroughs?

How many boroughs does New York City have?

How many rail and subway stations are contained within New York's MTA system?

Macy's was founded in New York in which year?

In which year were the New York Yankees founded?

When was the first New York Fashion Week?

In what year did New York airport change its name to John F Kennedy Airport?

Complete this area of New York 'Columbus ___'?

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