New York Quiz 2

New York is known as the Big Apple - what else do you know about it?

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Maybelline New York Color Tattoo is what kind of product?

Where in New York did Elizabeth Arden open her first spa?

Which neighborhood would you go to to watch the New York Mets play?

Thierry Henry played for the New York Red Bulls, which European country is he from?

In which New York Tavern was the city's first chamber of commerce held?

Which show is about the lives of privileged New York school children?

Which of these has been used as a nickname for New York City?

Which New York national Monument is home to Castle Williams and Fort Jay?

Which show features Ted and his tales of romance in New York?

Which of these rivers flows through New York?

Albany and New York City are major ports on what river?

The Hudson Hotel in New York was designed by who?

Which of these was NOT a mayor of New York City?

Who was the city of New York named after?

Which of these is an NFL team from New York?

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