New York

New York , the city which never sleeps. Test what you know about it.

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Questions 14
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Difficulty Hard
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What type of building is Sing Sing in New York?

What is the capital of New York State?

New York is also known as 'the big' what?

Which of these cities is NOT in New York?

Where in New York City is famous for its theaters?

Which of these bridges was opened in 1883?

In which state are the New York Mountains?

Who sold the New York Yankees for $10 million to a 12-person syndicate in 1973?

Who beat the New York Yankees to win the 1976 World Series?

Where did the New Jersey Devils relocate from in 1982?

Which of these is the name of a town in New York state?

Who is the New York Yankees' all-time leader in hits?

What is the name of the NHL team from New Jersey?

New York and New Jersey were named after places in which European country?

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