Nascar racing

NASCAR is high-adrenaline and full of excitement - just like this quiz!

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A NASCAR car must have three stock parts from the Manufacturer, which of these is not a requirement?

How many stock car championships did Richard Petty win?

How many times did NASCAR driver Richard Petty win the Daytona 500?

In the 2013-14 NASCAR Sprint championship what car is used by the Richard Petty Motorsports team?

How many NASCAR championships did Dale Earnhardt win?

How many points did Brad Keselowski amass when winning the 2012 Sprint Cup Series?

How many race wins did Dale Earnhardt record in NASCAR?

How many times did Richard Petty win the Daytona 500 race?

In 2007, Jimmie Johnson won his second consecutive NASCAR championship. Who owned this number 48 Lowe's machine?

In NASCAR racing what does the white flag mean?

How was the first African American to record a NASCAR race victory?

At what age was Dick Trickle when he won rookie on the year in 1989?

Brad Keselowski won the NASCAR sprint season drivers championship in 2012 in what car?

How many different race flags are in use during a NASCAR race?

A NASCAR car is supposed to resemble which form of standard American car?

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