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Franz Josef Kline is one of the most prominent USA artists in which genre?

Gallery of the Louvre was painted by which artist in an attempt to introduce European art to the USA?

Gilbert Stuart painted the picture of George Washington that appears on which bank note?

Grant Wood painted his iconic American Gothic piece on what?

Guernica is one of the best known pieces by which Spanish artist?

How long was David Hockney's acrylic artwork Beverley Hills Housewife?

How many sunflowers are in the famous Van Gogh painting?

James Rosenquist is most famous for a juxtaposed painting of which President?

Jean-Michel Basquiat used which pseudonym when doing his graffiti/street paintings?

Kindred Spirits was which artists tribute to his friend Thomas Cole?

Manet's 'picnic' painting is called “lunch on the.....”?

Riverboat men on which river are the subject of a famous work by Bingham?

Roy Lichtenstein was one of the founding members of which art movement?

Salvator Mundi was painted by which Italian master?

The Garden of Delight was painted by who?

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