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Do you know your modern art from your Renaissance classic? Try this quiz today.

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Andy Warhol's painting entitled what sold for £100m in 2008?

Claude Monet was an artist from which country?

Grant Wood painted which classic piece of art in 1930?

Leonardo da Vinci is famous for painting what?

No 5 1948 is one of best known works by which USA artist?

One of the best known abstract artists was Pablo who?

Salvador Dalí came from which country?

Silver Car Crash (Double Disaster) is the work of which artist?

The Metropolitan Museum of Art is where in New York?

The Mona Lisa hangs in which gallery?

The most famous painting by Edvard Munch was what?

What nationality was Pablo Picasso?

What was the first name of artist Picasso?

Which Jasper Johns piece is the most expensive painting by a living artist?

Andy Warhol did a self portrait that had his face which color?

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