Musicals Quiz 6

So you think you know about musicals and theatre? Then prove it to us!

Knowledge quiz
Questions 15
Criteria 60% to pass
Difficulty Easy
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A Chorus Line is a musical about which art form?

A stalwart of British musicals for several decades is Michael who?

All the characters in Starlight Express are what mode of transport?

Complete the name of this musical; “Bedknobs and …..”?

Les Misérables is based in which country?

Maria joins the Von Trapp family as what in the Sound of Music?

Members of which pop group wrote the musical Mamma Mia?

Name the longest running Broadway musical?

The female lead character in the Sound of Music is who?

The hit musical based on a Disney movie is called what?

The king of musicals is Andrew Lloyd.....?

The lead character in The Lion King is who?

The song Gigi comes from which musical?

The story of Danny and Sandy is told in which musical?

The tragic figure who dies early on in Les Misérables is?

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