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What was Lebanese singer Nawal Al Zoghbi'a breakthrough hit in 1994?

Rania Al Kurdi's first album was called what?

When is Lebanese star Assi El Hellani's birthday?

What was the début song from Lebanese born Darine?

Singer/songwriter Cheikha Rabia was born where?

Moroccan singer Saida Charaf was a TV presenter in which country?

In which year was Kuwaiti singer Shamail born?

The Turkish authorities considered banning the video for which Tarkan single?

Jordan singer Mays Hamdan's famous sister is who?

Tarkan's album Adimi kalbine Yaz sold how many copies in Turkey during it's first week?

The #1 single Oulhali came from which album by Lebanon star Amal Hijazi?

Lebanese singer Yasmine Hamdan found fame in which duet?

How old was Lebanon's Melhem Zein when he sung for Arabic legend Umm Kulthum?

For how many years did Nubian musician lived?

Which Lebanese singer did Nawal Thaher Al-Zaid duet with on Ahawel?

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