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What nickname does mommy hate?

How many times did mommy color her hair?

How many Shabbats a month did mommy stay in Baltimore?

How many shabbats did mommy WANT to stay in Boltimore?

What posters of tv stars did mommy have hanging in her room growing up?

What age did mommy make Aliya?

When asking mommy how It was the first year in Israel, living in a two bedroom apartment she would answer: "It was _____"

Name anything mommy learned in Hebrew language studies in Bais Yaakov?

How did Sabba and Savta encourage Mommy to sing Zimerot?

Why do Dani, Malki and stephen call mommy Leeeeeebbbbbaaa?

Who was mommys favorite teacher?

Has mommy ever shoplifted?

What has mommy shoplifted?

When talking with mommy about her favorite kid. Her reaction is?

What is mommys favorite thing to say?

How did Mommy dress on her date with with Abba to an Oriole’s baseball game?

What are mommy's 2 favorite food from Goldman’s bakery ?

This is title

What movie was mommy afraid of?

What would mommy collect as a kid?

What would mommys movie be called?

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