Modern family

Think you know all about the Pritchetts in Modern Family? Show us here.

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Who is the daughter of Claire and Phil Dunphy?

Phil Dunphy is played by which actor?

Which flamboyant character was played by Nathan Lane?

Name Jay and Gloria's dog?

Who is Gloria's teenage son from a previous relationship?

What is Phil Dunphy's profession?

What is the surname of Mitchell's husband Cameron?

What nationality is Mitchell and Cameron's daughter?

What is the profession of Jay's son Mitchell?

Which actress plays the character of Gloria in Modern family?

As of 2014 how many Primetime Emmy's has Modern Family won?

Season 5 of Modern Family averaged what audience?

In a 2012 interview who said Modern Family was her favourite TV show?

How many episodes in there in a season of Modern Family?

What is the name of Gloria's ex?

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