Author: Viral Patel

Microbiology Quiz: Identification of Bacteria

Let's Play a Quiz on Bacterial Identification (Basic Microbiology). There are 10 Questions in this quiz. and You're supposed to answer them as quickly as possible. Good Luck.

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Questions 10
Criteria 60% to pass
Difficulty Normal
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The gram-negative organisms is.....

In which of the following organism, Catalase production is Negative?

Which of the following is a substitute for crystal violet used in gram-staining procedure?

Which of the following inference(s) indicate(s) the ability of an organism to utilize citrate as a sole source of carbon in Simmon's citrate medium?

The organism that can be stained only by Acid Fast Staining Method is.....

The primary stain of Grams Staining method is.....

At what concentration of sulphuric acid, Nocardia resists decolourization?

Which of the following is commonly used as Gram's decolourizer?

Production of acetoin can be detected by which of the following tests?

The production of sufficient acid by fermentation of glucose leads to decrease in pH such that pH of the medium falls below 4.5. Which of the following test can detect it?

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