michaels lockdown quiz.

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1. What is the name of the headteacher in Roald Dahl's Matilda?

2.Who won the first ever series of X-Factor

3.Remember this, but don't write it down.

4. What is Pyrophobia?

5.In your lifetime, you'll produce enough saliva to fill two swimming pools?

6. What are the two main ingredients in a Bellini cocktail?

7. Tom Hanks has won 2 Oscars, what 2 films?

8. 1989 is an album by which female singer?

9. The Statue of Liberty was a gift to the USA from which country?

10. Which country first gave women the right to vote in 1893?

11. Which animal name means 'river horse' ?

12. What is the only country in the modern world without a rectangular flag?

13.The standard Western 'Gregorian' calender is named after a: Roman emperor,Pope, Swiss mathematician or a US president?

14. Back to question 3, what colour was the box that the number was in? bonus points if you got number also.

15. Film alphabet.

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