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In which city are the Petronas Twin Towers?

Who is the author of this painting "Les raboteurs de parquet"?

What is the capital of Zimbabwe?

This is the flag of ...

In Greek mythology, who is the god of fire?

"The unbearable Lightness of Being" was written by...?

What is the name of the river between Mexico and the United States?

How many countries does the European continent have?

What song of Bob Marley begins: "Until the philosophy which hold one race superior and another Inferior..."

Author of "1984"?

Effect that produce an apparent change of frequency of a wave produced by the relative movement of the source in relation to its observer

Longest river in the world

Name of Vitamin D

What is the name of this building and where is it located?

In which country is the highest city of the American continent?

What is the name of the first coin invented in the world?

The three primary colors are...

"Dracula" was written by...

"Le chat noir" It is one of the representative posters of modernism. Who is the author?

Smallest country in the world

Which country is the main producer of cocoa?

Name of the film where Charles Chaplin speaks for the first time

"Fontaine" is an artwork by...

It is a band considered the Latin American Pink Floyd

Which country is the main producer of cafe?

Chile and Peru claim this drink as their national drink ...

The word "Checkmate" comes from Arabic "shâh mâta", what's the meaning?

Bobby Fischer was considered one of the best in the world in what discipline?

Some cactus contains this substance with hallucinogenic properties

Which country is the main producer of wine in the world?

What Mexican prehispanic culture does this sculpture belong to?

In photography, what color is the security light of a dark room?

Engineer who planned the urban reform of Barcelona known as "El Ensanche" o " L'Eixample"

It is one of the hottest planet in the solar system but has characteristics almost identical to the planet Earth, they are almost twins, which planet?

What is the scientific name of the lion?

Is the father of modern philosophy author of the phrase "cogito ergo sum"

In which country is this sculpture "The hand"?

What's the meaning of S.O.S, the international sign of help?

This is the shape of which country?

The album "Animals" of 1977 was made by...

Name of this musical instrument...

Which of the following, is not an ingredient of "Moscow mule" drink

With what technological advance the "history" begins?

In what country is this sculpture "Floraris Generica"?

What word is formed from the ancient Greek words for "star" and "sailor"?

What country uses the "Quetzal" as its currency?

"Grinch" character was created by...

First aviator woman who crossed the Atlantic?

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